International Women’s Forum Cornerstone Conference

Beauty company Mary Kay is continuing to embrace female empowerment with their latest International Women’s Forum Cornerstone Conference. The event endeavours to bring together strong entrepreneurial women from around the world in order to explore global issues with a feminine lens.

The conference was founded over 55 years ago by Mary Kay Ash to create a dynamic opportunity for women searching for leadership opportunities. This year’s event was held in Barcelona, with over 7,000 women from 33 nations being welcomed and asked to share knowledge and support.

General Manager of Mary Kay Spain, Gema Aznar, presented the ‘Fashion Forward Panel’ which explored the changing atmosphere of the industry as well as innovative strategies for designers and manufacturers. Sustainability was a large focus of this years panel, with insights being shared from a selection of sources, encouraging ethical changes in industry behaviours.

“Mary Kay Ash’s lifetime of achievements in empowering women made her a trailblazing entrepreneur and her lasting legacy made her an icon. We are proud to continue her work through this sponsorship and many others that provide a global platform to some of the most powerful and influential women of our time.”