Karen Walker goes Mythical

The latest collection from New Zealand icon Karen Walker combines the brand’s classic elegance with the beauty of nature.

The new range has been called Forest and was inspired by the Greek god Pan, the god of the wild who is known for his mischievous nature. The collection includes motifs which have been used by the brand previously, such as the acorn and oak leaf. The fan-favourite symbols have been reimagined here for a whole new look.

Walker released a statement celebrating the release of her latest collection. “We love reinventing and reinterpreting our designs,” she declared. “Our acorn is such a beloved piece and in revisiting it our approach was less sleek and more whimsical, almost as if we were roughcasting organic matter fossicked for on the forest floor. All the pieces capture the texture and detail one sees in the real thing and we intensified that by going almost micro miniature with most of the collection.”

There are eight new items in the collection which have been cast in a mixture of yellow gold, rose gold and sterling silver. The releases include earrings, a cuff, rings and a necklace.