Calvin Klein says goodbye to runway

One of the world’s most influential fashion houses is turning away from luxury collections. Calvin Klein has announced that they will not be continuing their ready-to-wear runways, marking the end of an era for the company.

This announcement has come after a somewhat dire period for the brand, as the loss of their chief creative director, Raf Simon, saw the label flounder. The change is not only a massive shift in direction for the company but comes with a list of employee layoffs. Fifty works in the division’s New York office and fifty in the Milan district were let go following the announcement. With the upcoming closure of their Italian sector, there are more layoffs expected, although actual numbers are yet to be reported.

While the brand may continue to have great pull throughout the industry, without a leader at the helm, the ship has been slowly sinking. By pulling out of the international fashion collection cycle, the organisation will be able to save on production costs, which is positive news for the brand. However, there is a fear that this will come at the price of the products, as these events are a great source of inspiration and publicity for those involved. Until the search for new leadership finally ends, it is unclear which direction the brand will head towards. But for now, it seems that they just want to keep their heads down and keep afloat.