Kate Sylvester


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Having just celebrated her 21st birthday as a brand, Kate Sylvester is a NZ fashion icon with staying power. This power lies in her ability to see the good in all that is fashion. When asked for the thing she liked least in fashion Kate could not say and when asked for her favourite it was everything. Kate says that fashion is all she has ever done; her collections embody her with a subtle modern femininity that isn’t afraid to mix references, fashion traditions and cultures.  For Kate, everything has changed since she first began her career in fashion yet the fashion world is still an endless cycle. Her first store played to the skirts over trousers trend with barely a dress featured but now Kate can see the skirt over trousers trend coming back after creating many amazing frocks.  It is with a tone of sheer joy that she talks about releasing a new collection every six months, to recreate herself each collection.

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