KELP US! Is Seaweed The Future Of Fashion?

We are entering a new world of sustainable innovation in all industries from food to fashion, everyone is getting on the bandwagon. Fashion has a tremendous impact on the environment, take, for example, a simple cotton T-shirt. It takes 20,000 litres of water to produce enough cotton for that one T-shirt. Plastic is filling up our oceans, so why not take a step in their shoes? Kelp is the latest popular biodegradable textile to be utilised in fashion. This bio-yarn is a new environmentally friendly material that is robust enough for footwear, doesn't dissolve in water, and can even be dyed. Developed by AlgiKnit, it was inspired by sneakers that are worn out after two years of use but take decades to biodegrade. The concept behind AlgiKnit's bio-yarn is called 'just-in-time degradability'. Compare this with fast fashion manufacturers and leather producers' high greenhouse gas emissions, which is environmentally unsustainable, and the 13 trillion tons of clothing in landfills annually.

The bio-yarn is designed with micro-organisms that put the nutrients that kelp contains to good use when they are biodegrading. AlgiKnit promised the material or product won't start to degrade while you are wearing them.