Kiwi Brand Launches Anti-Covid Clothing

New Zealand company, Aviro, believes it has developed a clothing line that will help keep people safe during COVID-19. Jamie Hunt's daughter, Jess worked at a rest home during the lockdown and was finding it troublesome to go through so many routines, in terms of disinfecting her shoes and taking off her uniform in a certain way, every time she got home. It was a long and important routine she had to do - first thing she entered the house.

Jamie had experience in the textile industry and believed he could use his expertise to help Jess with her tiresome routine as well as the wider community. After contacting factories in Asia, he had worked out the best way to apply a virus killing chemical to fabric.

Two months later, Jamie had created a range of clothes and masks that were sprayed with a special virus-killing layer. The product has now been tested at independent labs to prove the fabric is still effective after 30 washes, being world-first at producing anti-Covid clothing.