Ksubi Goes Kustom

Your favourite Aussie denim brand, Ksubi, is back with another iconic launch for ‘Kustom’, a collection full of mainline pieces individually ‘Kustomised’ where no two garments are the same.

Starting in 2018 as a custom, limited-edition, individual pieces only made for celebrities and musicians such as A$AP Rocky and LeBron James; Kustom was then made available to Ksubi fans globally in 2020. This year, the coveted collection will be available for Kiwi fans on

"Ksubi has a long history of customising products for our artists and performers, creating exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces tailored to the artists style. As such,
Kustom has only been available to a very exclusive group," said Ksubi CEO Craig King. "2022 marks the first time Kustom will be released to the public in an extremely limited run. Each piece is hand finished and no two pieces are the same, only being available on ksubi.co.nz."

Ksubi jeans, denim jackets, cut-off shorts and distressed skirts are the foundation of each collection, sitting alongside a range of premium tees, tops and standout dresses. Progressive shapes and fabrications featuring raw finishes complete the signature Ksubi aesthetic.

The limited-edition Ksubi Kustom range features less than 100 units per style with each piece given Ksubi’s Kustom stamp of authenticity, hand marked with its own unique number, making these customised pieces the ultimate collector’s item.