Laybuy Launches New App

Laybuy has been a convenient option for both customers and retailers. Laybuy allows customers to 'buy' an item and pay it off in 6 weekly payments, taking off the stress of paying a large sum upfront. On the other hand, retailers can increase their average spend in-store and online by providing their customers with this option.

Laybuy has just launched their app, available on both Android and iOS, making the whole experience that much more convenient and stress-free.

In the app, you are able to manage your payments and plan ahead; tracking multiple payments at once and being able to track your spending within arms reach.

Your instore Laybuy purchases are now more convenient with this app as you get in-app notifications that help you complete your payment within seconds. You will also instantly know whether a store is Laybuy friendly, without having to find their logo somewhere in-store. The app shop directory features all merchants who accept Laybuy.