Muse Boutique has established a second store in Auckland and can be found in Ponsonby. The new location further established the women’s multi-brand store as a leading retail destination. Working with a large open plan and intimate dressing rooms, the interior design is based around a combination of simple geometric forms accentuated by ornate plaster mouldings. Referencing both the local vernacular of Ponsonby villas and imbuing the space with a European sensibility that mirrors Muse’s growing brand stable. The neutral palette highlighted travertine, brass, o-white plaster and refurnished Kauri. This curation of materials further emphasises Muse’s approach to tactile and layered luxury.

Offering a sophisticated retail experience, the refurbished space aims to create a serene backdrop to allow Muse owner and buyer, Olivia Vincent, to explore her evolving vision of contemporary fashion.