Lela Jacobs


Lela Jacobs-SS15-013 HERO

Lela Jacobs started her eponymous brand by making one-offs and grew from there. Her pieces are still very personal, with a focus on natural fibers. It is an important ethos that garments feel comfortable as well as look good; therefore designs are intimate yet visually striking, so comfy they are a second skin. Jacobs is also concerned with unconscious consumption in fashion that can be driven by the trend market. This is a brand that constantly looks forward towards the future but always considering the past.

This will be Lela Jacobs second solo show and group show involvement with NZ Fashion Week. Third Place, her in season show, is a humorous response to competition. Taking place in the weekend Jacobs will be showing with local professional weaver Christopher Duncan. Her solo show this year for her 13th collection entitled Post Dystopian will be showcasing Autumn/Winter 2015.

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