Louboutin Launches Eye Products

Christian Louboutin is adding a new category to their makeup range, which will launch next month.  Their new four-product category contains eyeliners and mascara, but not eyeshadow which they plan on launching at sometime in the future.  Christian Louboutin Beauté currently sells perfume, nail polish, and lipstick, in a few selected shades which the new products will match.  While the new liquid eyeliner is available in the usual black and brown, Christian Louboutin Beauté is also releasing it in red and teal.  The new eye products follow the same high price point as the existing products, with the liquid eyeliner retailing around $75 and a mascara selling for $70.  Louboutin’s existing products stand out with distinctive packaging, and the new products are going to have the same ‘jewellery box’ look.