M.A.C’s new and improved Back 2 M.A.C Project

M.A.C is enhancing its Back 2 M.A.C programme by making recycling even easier for their customers.

Previously, customers have been rewarded for bringing back six empty full-size M.A.C product containers with a free gift. This reward system is still in place, but the process is being made simpler. Now, customers can return their containers one at a time and collect stamps towards their gift, rather than waiting to compile all six containers. This change makes the process easier for consumers, who are being further enticed to help the brand’s sustainability efforts through a new section of gift options. Consumers can pick either a new lipstick from a selection of 20 shades, or one of three mascara formulas.

This programme is a part of M.A.C’s efforts to improve their company’s sustainability efforts, as they are working closely with Close the Loop, a zero waste to landfill business. The recycled products are sent to Close the Loop’s Melbourne facility where they are sorted and recycled accordingly.

By broadening their appeal with consumers as well as increasing their sustainability efforts, M.A.C’s Back 2 M.A.C project is doubling their outcomes.