Texworld Paris

The 44th session of Texworld Paris, organised by Messe Frankfurt France, saw visitors flock to see around 696 exhibitors from 20 different countries. Energy and sustainable development were the headlining acts, and industry experts expressed their determination to find solutions to improving these. “From the very outset, we were focussed on what is central to our work: trade talk and business. The atmosphere remained very vibrant throughout. Prime contractors attended the shows in the first place for work and to satisfy their curiosity. I am delighted to see the full effects of our strategy – encouraging contact with the materials, the skills and the people who offer them,” said Michael Scherpe, president of Messe Frankfurt France.

This session’s Texworld saw another increase in attendees, confirming the interest shown in French firms. Across Europe there was increasing attendance and participation, with Portugal standing out with a rise of 44 percent, attesting to an increase in its capacity in clothing production. Additionally, a surge in visitor numbers has also been seen from the top five countries on the American continent. Asia also saw an increase in attendances.

Sustainability shone through in various capacities at Texworld. Scherpe stressed, “Close monitoring of markets is one of the strong points of the Messe Frankfurt France trade fairs. Texworld Paris unquestionably benefits from this advantage. Back in 2009, we set up a series of special events to promote environmentally friendly materials and provide exposure to sustainable development. We belong to a global group that originated in Germany, a

country that very much values sustainable development.” Experts rallied behind the sustainability drive. “Some customers only come to look for firms whose innovative production respects the environment, for recycled or for organic products” explains Aditya Sawant, who was managing the stand at Nahar Industrial Enterprises, a large Indian textiles group. The consensus that the growing importance of operating sustainably is paramount to the industry was showcased at Texworld. Texworld provided a platform from which people could discuss and share their sustainable practices with other industry professionals.