Maggie Marilyn: It’s Time For A Change

Famous New Zealand label, Maggie Marilyn, announced today that they are saying goodbye to their wholesalers and the traditional fashion calendar.

Designer and founder, Maggie Hewitt saw it as her mission to build a brand that championed transparency, empowered people and ensured the health of our planet was at the forefront of every decision. Maggie Marilyn was founded to make a difference in an industry that needed change.

Their purpose is to use fashion to create a better world.

Their mission is to transform the fashion industry to one that is transparent, circular, regenerative and inclusive.

Their vision is for a healthy planet, empowered by people and an economy that puts these things first.

By eliminating wholesalers, Maggie Marilyn takes one step closer to you - the customer. As well as taking steps closer to their overarching goal of circularity and regeneration.

From now on, the only place you will be able to buy Maggie Marilyn is directly from them - on their website, or at their new store that is opening tomorrow.