As a satirical and pop culture orientated label Max Mollison is cheeky and cartoon-esque. “I like to say the collection is what Romy and Michele can wear to their next high school reunion,” said designer Max Mollison. The label is inspired by television and each collection Mollison creates is like a character. An image is taken of anything on a screen and a collage is made with image manipulating iPhone apps, and this new image is made into a garment. The label tugs on nostalgia as consumers identify with different icons and imagery within the clothing. Humour and story telling in the collection provide the most fun for Mollison whilst signature prints and denim are enduring themes for Max Mollison.

Mollison studied fashion design at Massey University because it was his main hobby. “Homework had never been more satisfying,” said Mollison, who made so many clothes as a hobby he needed somewhere to put them and give both his clothes and efforts a purpose.

Max Mollison is currently produced in Mollison’s hometown Dunedin. Specialty materials and digital fabric printers are found online and other materials are sourced locally. A new collection will be out by the end of the year. There is expected to be a lot of influences from Mollison’s current location, Florida. Imagine a dolphin sticker slapped on the side of a hot tub under a palm tree, or a Pepsi truck parked outside an alligator souvenir cup discount store, mixed with different denim. For more information, email