New Zealand owned footwear company Merchant 1948 has opened its seventh store in Australia. Part of the Overland Footwear Company headed by managing director Shane Anselmi, the Merchant 1948 brand was developed as a key part of the evolution for Overland and has met with huge success in the Australian market. Overland has recently begun its transition into Merchant 1948, which along with a compelling new name, brings a bespoke aesthetic to its stores and a forward-thinking approach to its online offering, while paying homage to its origins.
Home to some of the world’s brightest and most successful brands, Merchant 1948 will be found in Emporium Melbourne, a fresh new retail destination covering seven floors and 48,000 square metres from Lonsdale to Bourke streets including retail giant UNIQLO and Zoo York.
“Melbourne’s central city has evolved in the past decade to become a premier global destination, creating a name as a vibrant, bold and innovative retail and hospitality centre,” said Anselmi, who cites the success of Swedish retail giant H&M in the city as an example of how powerful a retail market it has come to be. “H&M recorded one of the most successful opening days for a new store at its maiden department store in Australia, with more than 15,000 customers coming through the door on its first day of trade. These are the kind of numbers we aspire to with the Merchant 1948 brand, and having a second major presence in Melbourne will be key to our growth as a company without a doubt.”

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