From the director of Hereditary, Ari Aster, comes this new mind-bending horror exploring the breakdown of a relationship amidst a nightmarish summer solstice celebration. After a traumatic family incident, Dani (Florence Pugh) travels with her boyfriend Christian (Jack Reynor) and his friends to Sweden, where they have been invited to attend a midsummer celebration at Swedish friend Pelle’s ancestral commune. The festival only happens once every 90 years, so the Americans are keen to get a glimpse of a unique part of Swedish culture. But things soon take a turn for the worse as Dani and her companions descend into a world of white-clad, drug-induced occultism. Costume designer Andrea Flesch crafted hundreds of hand-embroidered runes into the Swede’s garments of white flowing fabrics. Through historic research, Flesch encoded colours and patterns into the costumes of the characters, incorporating elements from cultures around the world. “First the idea was to go to Sweden, but then I searched a little bit and we found they don’t really have these costumes and materials anymore,” Flesch explained. “So I started to search for the whole world, what are the similarities in Swedish folk and other cultures, and I found a lot.”