Mitchell Vincent

Since graduating with a fashion and practice qualification from Wintec in 2013, Mitchell Vincent has been working hard on his label ‘Mitchell Vincent Collection’ and the results speak for themselves. A consistent figure in New Zealand Fashion Week, Mitchell made his debut in the Miromoda show in New Zealand Fashion Week 2013 where he won the ‘Emerging Designer’ award. The New Generation show at NZFW is a stepping stone towards having his own solo show at Fashion Week, and this year’s show proved to be a memorable one as he captured the eye of buyers locally and internationally.

“The approach for our show at New Zealand Fashion Week this year was to be a little bit more commercial, to think about our customer and take the runway home,” he said. This approach clearly worked as the amount of interest his show generated, from your everyday customer to the local media and even from buyers, has been astounding. Autumn/Winter 2017’s collection, while a little bit more commercial than his previous collections, still has the elements that he is known for – simplicity and sophistication with a hint of rebellion. Even the styling of the models that came down the runway was still quintessentially MVC. The hoodies underneath woollen coats, the nicely fitted jeans that come in both black and white, original printed tees, and of course the signature beanie that is a crowd favourite.

“Going into Autumn/Winter 2017, it’s very muted tones to be honest,” Mitchell explains, “We are looking at your navy’s aside from the blacks and greys, and you’re looking at four seasons within one day – you have layers on layers.”

Even though Fashion Week is over, the work for Autumn/Winter 17 have just begun in terms of production and then distribution. The much-anticipated drop of this collection will be released online and in store. He is looking into getting the collection out to market in March of next year and already there’s a long list of people wanting to get their hands on his pieces. They are, after all, the kind of staples every wardrobe needs to have.

Mitchell Vincent Collection is also a crowd favourite among NZ’s brightest stars with the likes of Stan Walker wearing his pieces to major award shows, premieres, and videos, among others. The work is never truly done for a designer. Inspiration is everywhere, and the change of seasons is enough to keep someone on their toes. Now that Mitchell is seeing his winter 17 collection to its completion, he’s already thinking about Spring/Summer 17.

The last four years is only just the beginning of Mitchell Vincent Collection’s fashion takeover, and judging by the way things are going, it’s safe to say that Mitchell Vincent Collection is fast becoming a household name. Be the first to know and get exclusive access to all things Mitchell Vincent Collection. Follow MVC on Facebook @mitchellvincentcollection and Instagram @mvcgram.

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