Mocha Salt

Mocha Salt creates truly transitional swim shorts. They are so functional they can be used for swimming, hiking or biking, while being tailored for the city streets.

Founder of the company, Rik van Donk, studied Industrial Design and has previously worked on Nike-Philips’ sports music range and Atomic Floyd headphones. “Even though the products are different, the common themes of innovation and quality and the passion for creating, can add value to any product or service,” says Van Donk.

In their local garment district in Sydney, Mocha Salt found a family run operation specialising for thirty years in high end garments to work with their 23-piece pattern. This local production ensures quality control and ongoing innovation at Mocha Salt.

The shorts have a slimmer profile than most swim shorts and an above-the-knee cut for a confident, tailored look. The material used is a lightweight woven nylon from Japan that feels like cotton but is very durable. Light in the water and quick-drying out of it, it wears to the body and softens with age.

Mocha Salt shorts are built to last with reinvented Swiss snap buttons, high quality self-locking zippers from Italy, lining-covered fly for extra protection and comfort, and side-tabs for easy size adjustment. Their pockets have mesh inserts to allow sand and air to flow through. The shorts are available in a range of imaginative colours, including whalebone red, undertow blue and seafern orange and come in block colour either left plain, overlaid with a diamond grid stencil or contrasted with a paisley effect. All shorts include a lightweight towel with strap that can roll up and dry the shorts in no time.

For the future, Mocha Salt has ideas for other clothing areas where function has limited style for no other reason than legacy.

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