From humble Auckland beginnings in 1980, Moontide have gone from strength to strength and is now stocked in over 50 countries. In the intervening years, Moontide has kept ahead of trends in both fashion and lifestyle, cementing their place among the top echelon of New Zealand swimwear brands. Swimwear can be scary - a fact that Moontide knows well - often a swimsuit is the least amount of clothing a woman will wear in a public space. As such, Moontide have focussed their attention on creating garments with an impeccable fit, in order to empower their customers to feel confident and comfortable on the beach. This season, Moontide has gone even further than usual in ensuring their swimwear has the best fit on the market, and have sourced high end fabric from international fabric mills - which will move better with consumers and allow a greater level of comfort.

At over 35 years old, Moontide is no new kid on the block in terms of designing, and their great reputation is a credit to that experience. Constantly seeking inspiration, Moontide’s designs are an amalgamation of trends and new inspiration sources and looks - all imbued with a uniquely Kiwi sense of style. Their designs are practical, yet fashionable; designed for the wearer to make the most out of their summer. From classic one pieces to eye-catching designs in vibrant prints, Moontide is a swimwear brand with something to suit everyone (and guaranteed to stand out on the ’gram).

Moontide’s 2017/18 collection took inspiration from Eastern and Tribal fabrics and designs - with a mix of batik and paisley prints. Alone, these beautiful, unique prints would make a fabulous swimsuit, but Moontide continues to push the envelope. Combined with innovative designs and on-trend cuts, Moontide’s collections are punchy and bold, not afraid of making a statement, and challenging consumers to hit the beach in style. Small details complete Moontide’s offerings - the addition of round zip-pulls to crop top styles may seem insignificant, and yet they complete the on-trend aesthetic and feel of the garments. Accessories are the icing on the cake in the Moontide range. Brightly printed sarongs, and tassel kimonos give consumers additional options, while complimenting the Moontide collection or working as stand alone garments.