Munro Footwear Group Runs with Boomi to Hasten E-Commerce

Australia’s largest privately-owned footwear company, Munro Footwear Group (MFG) has created an integrated data foundation platform using intelligent connectivity and automation leader, Boomi’s AtomSphere Platform to support its e-commerce transformation agenda. 

Offering an extensive portfolio of trusted brands such as Midas, Django and Juliette, Colorado, and Diana Ferrari, MFG is ready for its next stage of growth and has identified the strategies and technologies required to deliver what will be a market-leading experience in footwear. 

MFG was forced to temporarily close its retail stores under Covid-19 restrictions and recognised an urgent need to strengthen its existing online offering. To accelerate the company’s digital roadmap, MFG’s Chief Technology Officer Keng Ng prioritised building an intelligent digital back-end that would connect every facet of the business required to deliver a positive customer experience, and solve the historical disconnect between the footwear industry and e-commerce. 

Footwear remains one of the last retail categories to fully embrace online sales. MFG engaged specialist Boomi to help connect their data requirements, integrate multiple systems, and provide flexibility to unplug and connect new ‘things’. Boomi’s low-code, cloud-native integration platform (iPaaS) was selected by MFG to integrate the systems that make up its brick-and-mortar and e-commerce operations. This enabled the company to bridge its in-house retail application with its enterprise resource planning (ERP) and ordering systems in less than a month - resulting in ship-from-store capabilities across 26 pilot stores and facilitating business continuity during the pandemic. Based on the company’s online revenue generated from these pilot stores, MFG plans to roll out this service across its remaining retail network by the end of 2022.

The Boomi AtomSphere Platform affords MFG visibility and control over their data, allowing real-time decisions and furthering expansion online. The connection of operations has helped the company to mitigate supply chain issues by enacting quick, tactical changes while some containers were held up for several months. The platform was chosen for its versatility, development speed, and ease of use. 

As MFG continues to accelerate its digital roadmap, the company will prioritise building intelligence into the business and across all banners to ensure customer personalisation. 

Boomi, the pioneer of cloud-based iPaaS - and now a category-leading global software as a service (SaaS) company with more than 20,000 customers - touts a growing user community of over 100,000 members, a worldwide network of more than 800 partners, and one of the largest arrays of global system integrators in the iPaaS space.