For thousands of years, people have been drawing on minerals, botanicals and proteins to maintain the largest organ of the body, the skin. Native Ritual Apothecary has created products that provide a boutique and exquisite skin care range that not only are natural and organic but also is free from parabens, lauryl/laureth sulphate and petroleum derivatives.

Consumers have been benefiting from specially selected beauty rituals around the world and Rebekah Norman, founder of Native Rituals, wanted to develop a range that was true to her vision to demystify the essence of true organic beauty and bring indigenous beauty to the forefront of society.

Over the many years of freelancing as a teacher and makeup artist in the beauty industry, Norman became increasingly aware of the various impacts synthetic products had on the skin and the education process of quality skin care. This motivated her to co-design a luxurious natural range that celebrates the most powerful organic ingredients around the world and empowers users to value and learn from the history of beauty.