Created last year in Auckland by a massage therapist and a beauty therapist, Lakoko balm came from a shared passion for organic cold-pressed coconut oil, often using it in massage and facial treatments that they swapped for years.

Combining their other love of aromatherapy, and a recent discovery of the amazing ‘kukui nut oil’, from Hawaii’s national tree, Lakoko balm was born. The product is a multi-use balm suitable for every skin type, with a fusion of exotic oils and packed with nature’s potent anti-oxidants ACE, vitamins and minerals. These help fight free-radical damage, and the effects of ageing.

The balm is 100 percent natural, with a high quality Natural Vitamin E used as it’s only preservative.

Genuinely chemical free with no hidden nasties, the product relies on the best ingredients to get results. Being unisex, the whole family can use it from a post-shave soothe for men to a night-time facial treatment for women.

There are several ingredients in the balm that have anti-inflammatory properties, such as lavender and kukui nut oil, so it has been highly successful at treating inflamed skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, sunburn or insect bites. It is also safe to use on babies and even your pet’s minor skin irritations.

Lakoko balm’s beauty is its versatility, it can be used as a moisturiser, rejuvenator and soother for face, hair, body and lips. Nourish skin, calm the mind and elevate the spirit with Lakoko balm. For further information or to stock this product contact