New Size Inclusive Label Launched by Seed Heritage Parent Company

Newly launched label, Commonry, is a size-inclusive label by The Brandbank Group - the parent company of Seed Heritage.

Commonry will run sizes 10-22 and is guided by the principle that 'your body is your business, fitting it is our expertise'.

Commonry is set to open two retail stores, one in Sydney on the 23rd of Feb and one in Melbourne on the 26th Feb.

Along with retail store openings, Commonry will have its online store as well as securing 18 David Jones locations in Australia.

Body positivity influencer, Ashley Graham has partnered with this new label to continue the conversation around size inclusivity.

"I am so excited to be partnering with Commonry because they truly are a fashion brand that leads with fit, without putting women into a box and telling them how to look or feel," expressed Graham.

Commonry joins Brandbank's profile, and will offer the same quality of clothing as its sister brands such as Seed Heritage and French Connection.

Commonry will offer long-lasting garments that are still on-trend.

"We are inspired by fashion and trends, but we also want our garments to last, to wear beautifully and to fulfil our customer's need for quality," explained Jane Grimme, Head of Design at Commonry.