New Stretton Endeavour

The New Zealand fashion industry is preparing to welcome a new label to the fold as mother-daughter duo Annah and Sami Stretton have teamed up for a new project.

Their new label, STRETTON, combines both designers’ unique aesthetic for a perfect merger of styles and techniques. “The new STRETTON label represents the ultimate merger of what mum and I both love to wear,” expressed one of the designers.

Not only are the duo preparing for the launch of their new label, it comes with a whole new store, which is currently under development in Cambridge. “There’s such a great vibe happening around Cambridge at the moment with lots of new businesses and new locals looking for a different lifestyle on the scene,” shared the pair. “It is also really exciting to be back in the town where we first started the Annah Stretton brand.”

This new launch is expected to breathe some fresh energy into the group, with a range of new designs which look at style from a unqiue perspective.