The natural skincare brand Linden Leaves is proud to be now stocked in Shanghai alongside a strong roster of other New Zealand beauty brands. New Zealand already has a robust free trade deal with China due to their animal testing policies by the Chinese Government. The team entered the market with an exclusive authorisation by the Chinese government, meaning they didn't have to go through the lengthy registration process which unfortunately includes submitting their product for animal testing. "We're thrilled to finally be able to meet the huge demand for Linden Leaves in this market without having to go through animal testing procedures like so many other brands have done," explained Brigit Blair, Linden Leaves Founder.

I feel so proud that we did not bend our own company ethics and policy for the greater lure of the Chinese dollar due to their animal testing policy. It is so exciting that we have managed to enter the market in a way that means we are able to stay true to what we stand for, not only as a company, but also as a cruelty free nation.

Linden Leaves range has successfully launched into Shanghai's largest Duty Free Downtown store with well over 2,000 people at the opening event. The team at Linden Leaves is already planning for further expansion into additional Duty Free stores.Shanghai China Linden Leaves Counter copy