We are what we wear.

New Zealand Fashion Museum's unique mission is to generate cultural conversations about how we fashion personal and social identities by what we wear. The NZFM was established in 2010 by Doris de Pont as New Zealand's (and the world's) first online fashion museum.

Over the years, NZFM has lead the dialogue about the significant role clothing, adornment and markings have on our identity and self-representation through insightful storytelling, exhibitions and social media content.

Change is a good thing - during lockdown and social distancing restrictions, NZFM was able to maintain a full range of services through their social media platforms and their website.

NZFM aims to expand its focus to ensure their work remains pivotal to understanding the current times, with expert assistance and the support of Te Papa.

NZFM will continue to be a space to explore the cultural, social, technological, environmental, spiritual and economic factors that impact on what we wear and why.

To do so, NZFM will...

  • Be a space where contemporary fashion issues are explored
  • Connect New Zealanders with national and global fashion issues which often have urgent impacts for people and the planet
  • Continue to tell the stories of local designers and enterprises but significantly including the wearer, so that as New Zealander's we can explore how we fashion our identities by what we wear, whether it has been sourced from a designer, op-shop or from within our own communities.

NZFM's new focus will be just as bold and unique as the original vision that founded the NZFM.

The new strategy will:

  • Connect more New Zealander's to national and global fashion debates and issues such as ethics and sustainability
  • Enable more New Zealander's to address these issues in their own lives through talks, exhibitions and online content
  • Put New Zealander's centre-stage so that we can all better understand “We are what we wear”
  • Champion Aotearoa’s unique sense of fashion
  • Secure the New Zealand Fashion Museum’s achievements

Now that you know what the new era of NZFM is about, they need your help - now.

NZFM's Boosted Campaign that launched two weeks ago is still struggling to hit its $40,000 goal. This "all or nothing" goal must be reached to engage a changemaker.

Every single dollar counts and time is running out fast. Without support from the industry as well as individuals, NZFM will NOT survive, and its decade of hard work honouring the art of fashion will disappear with it.

The Boosted Campaign is now sitting at 54 percent with ten days left to reach its goal. It is incredibly important to see its success as it will help NZFM preserve and maintain the archives and the wealth of social history that they have documented over the past 10 years.

Every dollar counts.