Trelise Cooper: 1800 Samples, Gone.

A single hanger is all that's left.

New Zealand label, Trelise Cooper, has announced on their social media platforms, that over the weekend, their styling room in Auckland was wiped out by a burglary of its entire Spring '21, Summer '21 sample collections for Trelise Cooper, Cooper, Coop and Curate. Totalling to a devastating 1800 samples, all gone.

It is incredibly disheartening to hear such news as all the team's hard work through tough covid lockdowns and restrictions have been taken away from them.

The team at Trelise Cooper are urging the public to keep a lookout for any Trelise Cooper, Cooper, Coop and Curate garments that they may see on the market. They are size 8 or small samples - many of which do not have care labels as the garments were still in the process of being available for the general public.

"We are very thankful none of our staff were harmed, but we are truly devastated by this huge loss."