NZFW17 Designer Showcase: Wynn Hamlyn

Wynn Hamlyn Crawshaw’s first collection was a five-look knitwear collection that debuted in Winter 2015. At the time, Crawshaw was working full-time but had a small studio in Epsom that he went to after work. Wanting to separate himself from his sartorial creations, and create a fashion alter-ego, Crawshaw started out his eponymous label with only his first and middle names, leaving off his surname. In the intervening years, Crawshaw’s team has grown by two - a production manager and a pattern maker, with Crawshaw squarely at the helm. The label has also garnered a significant amount of media exposure and been seen across many a magazine spread as well as on several influencers. Wynn Hamlyn is currently stocked in just under 20 stores across Australia and New Zealand, as well as on the Wynn Hamlyn e-commerce site.

Wynn Hamlyn’s collection showing at New Zealand Fashion Week will be an unmissable show. Inspired by the fashion industry itself - specifically the disfunction of fashion seasons. “The collection looks at a dystopic world in the future where there are no seasons due to climate change. There is every season all the time, both extremes. The result aesthetically will be looks comprised of quintessentially summer objects and textures as well winter ones,” said Crawshaw, who finds it bizarre to deliver winter collections in the peak of summer and vice versa. Without giving away too much, Crawshaw hints that the collection will use raffia, a traditional summer texture, alongside puffer jackets and woollen knits, which will blend in winter influences.

Wynn Hamlyn has been shown at three previous Fashion Weeks, and Crawshaw enjoys showing media and buyers what Wynn Hamlyn is all about. The international exposure is also a highlight. Crawshaw also has a few exciting collaborations planned for NZFW, but he is keeping everything top secret so that the show will be a complete surprise.