NZFW18: Havilah

Self-titled label Havilah launched only months ago after being approached on numerous occasions throughout her schooling to fulfil custom orders, when Havilah finally decided to design a capsule collection to debut at New Zealand Fashion Week.

Havilah is currently the sole designer and seamstress, however, she is hopeful she will be able to expand in the coming year.

The label is currently stocked online via her website and she is working on having stockists in Auckland and Wellington.

The designer has titled this collection ‘Unapologetic’ and describes it as “pushing the boundaries on what was once feminine”. Havilah wants the collection to turn heads and inspire empowerment through the creative process.

Havilah has worked behind the scenes at NZFW for several years, starting out as a volunteer dresser and more recently a production assistant. Throughout the years, she describes the constant support towards her label and studies as one of the main reasons for her involvement at Fashion Week.

At as young as 14 years old, she was showcasing single pieces at NZFW. However, she is most known for the hand-knitted ball gown made completely out of plastic bags. After receiving an immense amount of support from buyers and clients at fashion shows in Wellington, Havilah thought launching her first whole capsule collection at NZFW would be the perfect opportunity to reach out to local and international buyers and media. For more information visit