Renowned shoe and apparel brand Vans have celebrated #VansCheckerboardDay with the launch of a Global Ambassador Charity Auction in partnership with eBay for charity. The launch includes a unique collection of footwear and backpacks designed by Vans to encourage creative self-expression.

The organisation that the auction proceeds will go to is Imagination, whose mission is to fund and foster creativity and entrepreneurship in children across the world. The Vans Checkerboard Day Charity Auction will begin from November 11 through November 21, offering an original Vans Classic Slip-On or an Old Skool III Backpack from each designer who worked on the project.

Christian Hosoi, Geoff McFetridge, Kim Jaekyung, Brighton Zeuner and Vans very own Steve Van Doren are some of the creators who have highlighted the importance of creativity in their own life through the design of the shoes.

Olympic-hopeful Vans skateboarder and Vans Park Series World Champion, Brighton Zeuner, praised the brand for its encouragement towards creativity.

“There are very few brands that encourage their athletes to break the norm and be creative in how they choose to express themselves,” he said.

“My Vans family knows how passionate I am about fashion and expressing myself through my style, both on and off the skateboard, so designing a one-of-a-kind design to help others express themselves was an offer I couldn’t turn down.”

Vans Checkerboard Day emphasises the brand's founding pillars action, sports, art, music and street culture. Vice president of Vans events and promotions Steve Van Doren said the day encompasses everything the company stands for.

"Vans has always strived to promote out-of-the-box thinking in support of creativity and celebrate what makes each of us unique," he said.

"Our charity auction gives our global Vans family, brand loyalists and newcomers the ability to empower each other through creativity while supporting a charity that is leading the fight for self-expression among youth.”