Online hack sees an abundance of consumer information leaked

The latest victim of online hackers is the Japanese e-retailer parent group Fast Retailing, which suffered a huge breach to their systems through April and into May.

Fast Retailing hosts various e-commerce websites, including the popular service Uniqlo, which saw a 30 percent rise in online sales last half-year. The group announced that online hackers had broken through their systems and gained information from over 461,000 of their account holders.

The breach is still under investigation however the company is continuing its operations while advising customers to take extra care with their passwords. Users are being recommended to use unique passwords, rather than variations from other accounts, to attempt to combat ‘list type hacking’.

While exactly what information has been taken is still unclear, the group have released a list of potential breaches. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, clothing measurements and partial credit card numbers.