Peter Alexander is celebrating their 30th Mother's Day this year and are making sure it will be a sensational one with their newest collection. The 2017 Mother's Day campaign features original Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter alongside her daughter Jessica Altman. The new collection has caught the attention of celebrities from Miranda Kerr to Lady Gaga to HRH Queen Elizabeth. Peter Alexander has always been a huge fan of Wonder Woman and said working with Carter and Altman has been a 'massive honour'.

Mother's Day itself has held a special place in Alexander's heart as he celebrates his own mother, Julette Alexander, who played a crucial role in his life. "I would never be the household name that I am today without my mum," he said. Alexander added that every Mother's Day collection he always thinks about how he can bring that sense of love, appreciation and style for all mum's to enjoy.

Alexander will be embarking on his annual Mother's Day tour visiting stores across Australia from May 4-12.