Oscar Wylee has prioritised giving back to the global community through its “I Care for Eye Care” initiative. As a non-profit partner, the brand provides people ailed with vision impairment with access to affordable eye care. In addition to this, in 2016 they donated over $10,000 on World Sight Day to its charity partner, Sight For All. Director Jack Teoh recognised the importance of greater outreach and awareness of vision impairment. “With vision impairment cases growing around the world, creating conversations surrounding World Sight Day addresses important facets of the vision care crisis and a chance to educate the public on blindness prevention,” Teoh explained.

Oscar Wylee started five years ago after the founders couldn’t understand why buying a pair of sunglasses cost nearly as much as a mobile phone. Products for the brand were designed to challenge the market’s monopoly in the optical industry. With six showrooms in Australia already, the brand has a mash up of physical and digital retailing to provide a competitive edge. With expansion plans interstate, Oscar Wylee understands that they need to provide an engaging shopping experience at every opportunity.