Having always shared a deep affinity with the ocean, Wild Heart Jewellery creators Julie and Samara Baunach draw inspiration from Mother Nature when designing each exclusive jewellery piece. Based on the shores of Gold Coast’s pristine beaches, the earthy tones of Wild Heart Jewellery’s one of a kind coastal luxe jewels ring true to their mantra of an environmentally conscious empowered freedom. Crystals, driftwood and natural stones combine to emanate the rustic mystique of handcrafted adornments - rich with intrinsic stories where earth meets sea. A representation of Australia’s raw landscape, Wild Heart Jewellery provides solace to the bohemian beach lover seeking a new and exciting adventure. Velvet Underground marks their latest collection and introduces a new elegance to the boheme. Redefining coastal creations, Wild Heart Jewellery are pioneering a tropical luxe shift in their repertoire. This transformation is set to take you on a wistful voyage filled with dreamy whimsicality, drama and romance.