Living in Western Australia particularly, there was a demand for high-quality durable sunglasses while observing that most of the products in the market at the time were sport-orientated and used plastic polycarbonate lenses. Established in 2000, OTIS Eyewear’s goal was to create more stylish products and wanted better quality and more durable lenses. OTIS Eyewear started with a firm focus on product quality and that’s still what drives them today. They started in pure surf channels, and progressed into new markets as the brand evolved. Winner of Sunglass of the Year at the SBIA Surf Industry Awards two years in a row, they said it was all thanks to their focus on quality and sales performance. Using mineral glass for the lenses, which is the best in terms of optics, clarity and durability. Still evolving, the release of their latest L.I.T lens this year is inarguably the highest-quality lens on the market. “We build the products, then goals. Not the other way around.”