Tamsyn Cornwall’s love of fashion led her to Fiji Fashion Week where she worked in event assisting and model coordinating. Growing up in Fiji, beaches were Cornwall’s playground and Pixiekini was a natural progression for her inner pixie spirit combined with a love for the beach, crochet and bikinis.

Now based in Mellons Bay, Auckland, Cornwall shares images of ‘pixie mermaids’ in custom Pixiekini crochet bikinis and dreamy inspiration through Instagram and Facebook. Pixiekini’s customers are typically from New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. “Our amazing pixie mermaids, are those who love to adventure, meet by the sea and worship the sun,” said Cornwall.

Cotton for the crochet is sourced locally in New Zealand and Fiji. Pixiekini has many exciting plans for the future but as all creations are individual Cornwall wants to ensure quality over quantity. The first step is a website before looking to expand. For more information, please phone 09 5336334 or email pixiekini@gmail.com.