Popular lingerie brand launches new campaign

Lingerie giant, Triumph, have launched their new campaign One Word Declaration. The aim of the range is to encourage you to create your own personal affirmation of what 2016 means to you. Instead of focusing on a negative New Year's resolution which are usually quite short-lived - why not focus on capturing a bit of positivity to stick with you. From today you can create and declare to the world your 'One Word' on the brand's microsite which offers a social platform which can be found here.

The Head of Sales for Triumph New Zealand and Australia, Karen Ashley, explains,

We recognise that our involvement with our consumer needs to be an active, two-way exchange, giving women a voice to express themselves. Triumph knows that women need support in all senses of the word and this is why the One Word Declaration is so powerful to send women off into 2016 on a positive note.