Sara Munro of Company of Strangers

cos logo       Cos Company of Strangers was started by creative director and designer Sara Munro in 2008. Originally a leather and jewellery collection, Company of Strangers is now a clothing label with capsule jewellery and leather pieces. Sara learnt by working at NOM*D for seven years after graduating from a fashion course at Otago Polytech. Company of Strangers is a witty nod to modern labels as Sara perceives that many labels have a front image but not many people know who is working behind the label. Company of Strangers has doubled in size since last year. Behind Company of Strangers is a team catching up with growth strategies and a collaborative design team including Sara as well as Amelia Hope and Dianne Rohtmets who joined the label three years ago. Sara, Amelia and Diane criticize each idea to death until the come up with a valuable design piece. Their label’s aesthetic is high quality yet tough. Using luxe silk, wool and viscose, Company of Strangers creates a wardrobe for an elite biker gang of fashion. The Company of Strangers target is someone who was a tomboy but has now grown into a woman. Oddly enough, Sara says she was a bit of a girly girl when she grew up, making her own clothes from a young age. Company of Strangers is very wearable and never frivolous. Sara’s main garment she made when sewing as a young girl was in fact triangle Madonna bras. This showed an early inkling for her love of fashion. She said it made it acceptable for people to shop around, wear whatever they felt like, and try out changing trends. Her career highlight is owning her own store in Dunedin, opening an official website and showing offsite for the first time at NZ Fashion week in 2012. Their second Fashion Week show in 2013 was in an underground car park and was a very proud moment for Company of Strangers as they were able to show others what their brand was truly about. The thing Sara likes least about fashion is that not everyone will take you seriously when they find out you work in fashion. Sara has been told many times what fun her career must be but does not always get respect for the long hours and hard work she puts into Company of Strangers.

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