We're talking social media, TV consumption, online and offline video gaming as well as online video chats. The use of anything media-related at this time will change drastically.

Although we are all glued to our phones regardless of lockdown, being forced to stay at home (as much as we can) to fight this pandemic has affected the way we all consume media.

Nielson has released statistics that show an almost 60 percent increase in the amount of content we consume all because we are home more.

Nielson's Total Audience Report shows that Americans are already spending 12 hours each day on media platforms.

It's important to note that during any crisis, where it be a natural disaster, a political debate or similar, the amount of media we consume to stay in the know and stay up to date, generally, increases drastically. Those who were not reading the news daily are now all suddenly hooked to their TVs at 6 pm every night.

So, what are we watching when we stay indoors? Nielson reports, consumers gravitated towards feature films, news and general format programming. Moreover, there is a 61 percent increase in streaming via TV. Media-binge culture is massive, and there is no perfect time for consumers to binge copious amounts of shows and news-related media than right now. So, it all makes sense in our books.

As more and more companies have adapted to the 'work-from-home' status, it has also driven the amount of media consumption done by these workers. With the radio always on in the background for white noise or legitimate information gathering, it is all the same in the world of media consumption. Nielson data suggests that workers who work from home consume traditional TV for three more hours each week than they would if they were not remote. This statistic is predicted to grow further as the COVID-19 lockdown progress.

Nonetheless, from this, we understand that staying connected through the likes of social media as well as traditional news media is crucial at this time. The media landscape is now a place for the government to raise awareness around issues that have surfaced from this outbreak, and sending a clear message to everyone is an example of great leadership. Moreover, tuning into great feature films is also an excellent way for us to stay sane and keep the worries at bay, as much as we can.