See Yourself In a New Light

Renowned Australian footwear brand, Wittner Shoes, welcomes Equinox, the new Spring/Summer collection. Meaning the time when day and night possess equal power, Equinox is inspired by the significance of light and dark and how these can be harnessed to elevate your style 24/7.

Sundrenched at sunrise and draped in elegant shadows at sunset, opulent architecture and exotic poolside scenes provided the perfect backdrop for the Equinox campaign. Paired effortlessly with sophisticated styling that signifies the rhythm of the day as it moves from light to dark, Wittner’s new designs are contextualised in a way that showcases their place within your daily wardrobe.

"The shoot was inspired by the warmer months ahead and the hopeful return to a sense of normalcy - and more importantly, fun - following another year of Covid-related lockdowns. Within this campaign, we showcase Wittner's dedication to style in a range of fashion-focussed stories, designed to fit effortlessly into your daily rotation. No matter the occasion - be it day or night - there is a moment for every style and a style for every moment” said Catherine Williamson, CEO of Wittner Shoes.

Within the Equinox collection sit five design stories that capture the essence of the season. Early morning rays caress the neutral tones and soft contours of the ‘Light Touch’ designs, where comfort-focussed styles are paired with relaxed, luxe tailoring for modern elegance. Sparkling waters create graceful, dancing reflections on the sleek patents and fluid lines of the ‘Marine Moments’ designs, made for natural, flowing ensembles.

With the dusk comes the ‘Resort Radiant’ trend, a range of uniquely sculpted heels in soft pastel leathers, evoking a sense of laid-back glamour for those sultry summer evenings. For the bold among us comes ‘Neon Lights’, a range of vivid and bright designs, complemented by sharp angles that glow in the darkness. And finally, once night falls, it’s time to shine with Wittner’s ‘Iridescent Icons’, a range of breathtaking heels in striking metallic leathers.

This season, make the most of the day and take advantage of the night, and discover a new Wittner style for every moment. Wittner’s new Spring Summer collection will be available from September 2021 in boutiques and online.