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Serena-Jennifer-Lawrence  Serena-railroad (1)

The last time we saw Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in each other’s arms, thanks to Silver Linings Playbook, was on a dancefloor, with Lawrence squeezed into form-fitting, sequined ballroom dancing attire and Cooper… Well, he’d made the massive fashion concession of removing his tie and jacket to partner her. Big step up for him though, given the garbage bag jacket he sported while jogging earlier in the film.

Don’t expect either of them to be sartorially slumming it when they’re reteamed in Serena this November though. The duo play Serena and George Pemberton, a married couple in 1920s North Carolina, who ruthlessly attempt to build a timber empire. Boardroom intrigue, streetside brawling, and adventures in the great outdoors are just some of the challenges they couple will have to overcome, but despite this strife and being in the midst of the Depression, the pair seem pretty well-to-do, at least in the images so far released.  Cooper’s looking the most dapper he’s been for ages, and Lawrence doesn’t have a hair out of place – before she commences a descent into madness when she finds out she’s unable to bear children.

The sumptuous costuming in Serena is courtesy of Alice Cortes Kheilova (2007’s La Vie en Rose as well as, um, Hellboy), and looks to lend the film detailed period dress to go along with its meaty dramatic material. Based on the best-selling 2008 novel by Ron Rash, and directed by multi award-winning Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier (In a Better World), Serena opens in cinemas on Thursday the 6th of November.



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