Rapper 6ix9ine was apparently supposed to name-drop 'Fashion Nova' in his new album Dummy Boy in a six-figure deal. After the EP dropped on Tuesday; the track 'MAMA' had the line "Splish splash apple bottoms make that ass phat" instead of previously agreed "Splish splash Fashion Nova make that ass phat". The track also features artists Kanye West and Nicki Minaj. A source from 6ix9ine's lavel said Fashion Nova paid him up front for the lyric and for the brand to be included in the music video. Now behind bars, 6ix9ine isn't finishing his music video anytime soon and it doesn't look like Fashion Nova can do much about getting their money back until his trial starts in September 2019. He is currently in jail facing charges of racketeering and firearm-related charges to which he is pleading not guilty.