Six Unique Ways to Wear a White Shirt

A white blouse can be one of the chicest and most versatile items in any wardrobe, and learning how to best utilise this key item could breathe new life into any ensemble.

So whether you are dressing a mannequin for a shop floor or dressing for an upcoming event,  here are six ways to wear a white shirt that will leave passers-by asking ‘where did you buy this?’



By tucking your shirt into a long pleated skirt, crisp pants or even a pair of jeans you are able to redefine the shape of your ensemble.


Caroline Sills










Tucking in the shirt allows for the body’s curves to stand out, rather than being hidden underneath the item. Having your collar up high or open and spread along the collar bone transforms the look, making it suitable for work and evening wear.

Tucking in the blouse creates a total ensemble, blurring the lines between each apparel item and creating an overall look, rather than just draping one item atop of one another.

Blazer Dress Combo.

This look may not have been designed by Meghan Markle, but she certainly helped to popularise it. Blazar dresses have been making a resurgence, and by having your blouse underneath the dress you can transform the look entirely – making it more suitable to work or formal events rather than just evening wear.












You can have the collar open to fold over the dress or closed to create a more preppy and high fashion look, ultimately the choice is yours. However, having the sleeves all the way down is a must, as not to cut off your arms or make the wearer appear short.

Combining these two wardrobe items can create a brand-new look, without the need to hit the shops.

Belt it up.

Just as tucking in a shirt can accentuate the shape of the wearer's body, as can adding a belt. Synching the waist or the shirt creates volume between the cutoffs while highlighting some natural curves.


Different belts can create different looks. Using fabric belts can create gentler boohoo look, while chunkier leather belts act as more of a statement and take the synching to a more extreme level. It all depends on the look you are going for.

White on White.

This look has a super boohoo vibe while remaining elegant. Just like double denim has made a high fashion comeback, as to have these white-on-white looks.

Kate Sylvester











Minimal accessorising is needed for these looks, perhaps a single statement pieces and simplistically styled hair. The striking white of your ensemble is enough to speak for itself, and should not be hidden away behind unnecessary additions.

White-on-white is one of our favourite looks for a plain white shirt and is suitable for almost any occasion. Just perhaps not a wedding.

Make it a jacket.

This look is particularly great for the summer months. Having your buttons completely undone and using the shirt as a light jacket completely redefines the purpose of the item.


The crisp lines of the shirt make it a smart accessory for any summer look and can transform a more casual ensemble into an event ready piece.


An oversized blouse can make for a great canvas for accessorising or can stand alone as a chic and modern item. Rather than choosing a shirt that is genuinely the wrong size look for designers which have styled their piece to appear over seized in the right places, rather than letting it swallow you whole.

Wynn Hamlyn











This look can be used for a very chic and minimalist appearance or can be styled with a combination of accessories for an entirely different look. If you were accessorising, gold tones would work particularly well here. Consider where you are wearing your ensemble and what pants and shoes you are pairing it with.