Snapchat and Gucci’s New AR Campaign

Snapchat has teamed up with Gucci to create their very first augmented reality campaign. Users can now try on Gucci footwear virtually through Snapchat.

Once users have virtually tried on their Gucci shoes, they are able to purchase it directly through Snapchat. Gucci is Snapchat's first collaboration that uses its Snap Lenses technology.

AR is becoming incredibly important in the fashion and eCommerce space, and Snapchat are keen to be the ones that lead the way.

"Gucci has always been an incredibly innovative partner," said Selby Drummond, Head of Fashion and Beauty at Snap Inc.

"They approach every Snapchat activation with the same creativity they are known for in their designs, and we know that when we come to theme ith new opportunities they will understand immediately the power of our technology and audience."