Still Wearing Plastic?

New Zealand-born natural performance apparel company, icebreaker, launched its new provocative marketing campaign that asks consumers one simple question: “Are you still wearing plastic?” For many consumers, the answer is yes.

icebreaker’s latest “Uncomfortable Truth of Plastic” campaign, which will run in markets globally, is designed to shine a light on this conversation and help educate consumers about plastics in their apparel and choices they can make to reduce their plastic consumption.

The consumer insight behind this campaign is that most people are not even aware that the clothing they wear is one of the biggest contributors to plastic pollution. The dramatic character Plastic Man represents the fact that many consumers are still wearing plastic each day while driving awareness of one of the biggest causes of plastic pollution on the planet -- the clothing we wear.

The campaign will help consumers experience “Plastic Man” struggling with the user experience of plastic. It’s cold when wet, doesn’t regulate temperature, holds odour...and when it comes to the environment, it can have a negative impact. This provocative campaign is meant to get consumers to think about what’s in their closet and help make better choices in the future.

“Since icebreaker started 26 years ago, we have always looked to nature for a better way. Our founding purpose to inspire a more natural way of living defines not just what we make, but how we make it. There is just too much unnecessary plastics in clothing. We encourage consumers to learn more about what their clothing is made of,” said Global Brand President, Jan Van Mossevelde.

Earlier this year, icebreaker’s Transparency Report revealed that in 2021, 91% of icebreaker’s total fibre composition is now merino or plant-based, with 65% more styles being made with 100% merino or plant-based fibres. The brand continues to elevate its mission and purpose through this campaign, helping to educate consumers about unnecessary plastic consumption.