Stolen Girlfriends Club: Somewhere Near Utopia

Stolen Girlfriends Club has just released their much anticipated new collection. Decorated with pops of yellow and blue, which contrasts with SGC's monochromatic aesthetic.

This season's collection features garments of various shapes that are universal for both sexes. A large part of this collection is shared between the womenswear and menswear line.

Pops of colour, intricate cactus-flower patterns and acid wash denim are what you are greeted with when exploring this line. Some of our favourites are the soft ribbed yellow tank, the oversized NFL-styled jersey and the loud patterned baby-doll dress. All so visually stunning, we love the use of the two primary colours in this collection which complement each other perfectly.

Another stand-out would be the black sateen pieces offering moments of glamour, which contrasts with the masculine pieces, such as the acid wash denim and the tomboy tank. This collection provides garments for your layering dreams, all are gorgeous alone, but when layered with each other, we see the different textures pop.

This season, SGC embark on a journey of hope and optimism. This line explores the realm of bright primary colours and striking patterns to express the vision of "somewhere near Utopia".

Campaign imagery credits:
Stylist: Seb Hunt and Dylan Richards
Photography: Xun (Ken) Cao
Model: Ayan Manyand Makoii
Model: Kahu Royal