For Eve Khoe seasonal children’s wear was proving to be an insufficient and inconvenient model for kid’s fashion. “We struggled when my baby boy was born in winter, and baby brother was then born in a different season. We ended up having to buy a whole new wardrobe to compensate,” explained Khoe. From her struggles came inspiration, and Khoe began to design a collection of kids wear which was not tied down by seasons or trends. The collection was entitled ‘Basic Seasonless’ under her brand Susukoshi and combines fashion and functionality for the everyday mother. 

The new collection proudly does not follow trends, fashions or seasonal changes. The items are instead designed to be repurposed and passed down, suiting any child in any situation. “All our products are not made specifically for one season, they can be layered up or down and could be passed on to their brothers and sister or nieces and nephews,” said Khoe. Susukoshi has created their own niche market, which rather than competing with other brands has a strong focus on originality. Utilizing natural hue tones and clean, simple line and patterns, the collection pays homage to Japanese designs, creating a timeless and most importantly seasonless appeal.

Functionality is as much a priority as originality for Khoe, and she drew from her experience as a mother as she designed this collection. “We are all mothers. We know that we want something that does not only look good but feels good,” Khoe articulated. From creating easy access for nappy changing to considering the movement of children at different ages, Khoe has focused on generating a collection which performs with excellence. “For toddlers wear we used a slightly different type of fabric, as we know how fast they can dull an outfit in a single wear. We focused on durability and comfort, and we want them to move as freely as they can.”

Seasonless items are a staple for the collection, Khoe believes in clothing that can be worn across seasons and occasions so that they can receive the most use. “Above all our collections are easy to mix match and kids can go from napping to playing, to shopping with just one outfit,” full stop. The collection currently stocks sizes for newborns up to children of five years of age but could consider growing their range in the future. 

Khoe is based in Melbourne and spends her time designing with her baby boy by her side. But the brand is looking to expand into the international market, to bring seasonless children’s fashion into the homes over mothers around the world. For more information contact or visit