London’s best technology and design teams have been commissioned by the Mayor of London’s office as part of London Technology Week. On display were works including robots, holograms and couture.

Part of the showcase included a specific category dedicated to fashion, which included 3D-printed dresses and a digital mannequin which uses a hologram generated talking head.

“It’s a huge honour to be giving fashion, science and tech collaborators in London an opportunity to showcase what they’re doing and show how innovative we can be when we come together,” said Brooke Roberts, fashion designer and blogger, who was also the curator of the showcase.

Alongside curating the show, Roberts also designed a range of knitwear using a machine that reads brain scans and translates them into patterns. Roberts also worked with Holborn-based 3D digital firm Holition to bring to life a robot mannequin that had stop-motion couture pieces projected onto it from the likes of Issey Miyake and Gianni Versace.

“This isn’t just about wearables and gadgets, we’re thinking about high-concept couture, high-end fashion and how this could work with technology,” said Roberts.

Aside from style focussed innovation, the Royal College of Art also showcased a Bruise Suit, which detects injuries in athletes with disabilities that have led to the loss of sensation in parts of their bodies. The suit identifies where the athletes have been hurt by applying a recyclable pressure-sensitive film to the skin to indicate the severity of the injury.

“London is a world leader in fashion, creative arts and design. When you combine this with the city’s growing technology sector, it is no surprise to see London at the centre of the fashion technology movement,” said Gordon Innes, chief executive, London & Partners.

Caption: Brooke Roberts and Gintare Zukauskaite working on a robot mannequin.