Teresa Hodges of BLAK


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Teresa Hodges wasn't sure if fashion was the right career for her but she had always had a love for it. After a short stint overseas, growing her own fashion label was all she could think about. So she studied and went direct into the industry as an assistant designer, quickly moving on to Designer. Teresa considers herself lucky to gain a huge amount of industry experience before going out on her own. Blak began in 2007 and has had many highlights along the way. How about when Topshop UK contacted them to do a concession within their London flagship store? Another top achievement was opening Blak’s first store in collaboration with Chaos and Harmony last year. Blak’s aesthetic is clean, understated and nonchalant. Teresa loves that the collections can be beautiful and edgy yet simple and so easy to wear. For inspiration, it all depends on the moment or the timing. Teresa is very driven to the end result of a garment and how the pieces fit the completed puzzle of a collection. Blak believes that rules can always be broken and they are learning this more and more. If a woman has the confidence and happiness in herself she can pull off anything. Teresa loves that fashion is always changing and that the business itself evolves constantly. This is what keeps Teresa driven and challenged. Blak is not a brand to sit idle. On top of the Blak label there is also Blak Basics and Blak Luxe. Blak’s second store BLAKCHAOS is coming soon to Ponsonby where we suspect the brand will go from strength to strength.

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